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Standard English Bull Terrier Breed Standards


A thick-set muscular, well-proportioned animal, the Bull Terrier has a short, dense coat that comes in pure white, black, brindle, red, fawn and tri-color. Its most distinctive feature is its head, which is almost flat at the top, sloping evenly down to the end of the nose with no stop. The eyes are small, dark, almond-shaped and closely set. The body is full and round, while the shoulders are robust and muscular and the tail is carried horizontally.


Though this breed was once a fierce gladiator, he is much gentler now. A Bull Terrier might have a preventive effect and it might defend it's owner in a truly critical situation, but it isn't bred to be a guard dog. Courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless. The Bull Terrier is a loyal, polite, and obedient dog. They become very attached to their owners. The Bull Terrier thrives on affection and makes a fine family pet. They love human contact. They will follow you everywhere. If you are out in the garden, in the living room watching television or even in the car, they will be right by your side. They will be a friend for life. They are energetic and Bull Terriers like to be doing something and fit in well with active families where they receive a great deal of companionship and supervision. This breed can be a wonderful pet if very thoroughly socialized and trained. They are fond of both grown-ups and children, but can be very protective and wilful. Do not encourage this breed to be possessive or jealous. Bull Terriers may try to join into family rough housing or quarrel. They need very firm training and lots of exercise. Bull Terriers must be given a lot of companionship, or they may become destructive. They make excellent watch dogs. This breed can be somewhat difficult to train..


Height: 20-24 inches (51-61 cm.) Weight: 45-80 pounds (20-36 kg.)


Bull Terriers are generally healthy, but some are prone to suffer from a zinc deficiency, which can cause death. Some pups are born deaf. Some suffer from obsessive compulsive behaviours, such as tail chasing. Some bloodlines are prone to slipped patella (dislocation of the kneecaps). Some male Bull Terriers have an overabundance of testosterone, which makes them too territorial. Neutering often fixes the problem - mellowing the dog out some. Can be sensitive to fleas or other parasites. Prone to weight gain allergy troubles and bad knees. White Bull Terriers are prone to deafness.

Living Conditions

Bull Terriers will do okay in an apartment if they are sufficiently exercised. They are fairly active indoors and a small yard will do. They prefer warm climate.


This breed needs vigorous daily exercise, but they should always be on a lead in public at all times, because they may fight with other dogs if not well socialized and trained. The Bull Terrier has a tendency to become overweight and lazy if it is not properly exercised.


The Bull Terrier is easy to groom. An occasional combing and brushing will do. This breed is an average shedder, shedding twice a year. You can remove loose hair by a daily rubdown with a special rubber glove. White hairs are more noticeable than the colored ones on furniture and clothes.

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