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Life with a Bully Puppy/Dog

Temperament of an AxelBelle Bully:
All of our dogs, adults and puppies have been home raised to ensure that they will be well socialized before they go to a new home. We believe that a dog should be an asset to a family not a liability. A pet that can be loved, cuddled, cherished and participate in all of your family activities. We strive to make our Bullies a dog that you can be proud of.

Mini Bull Terriers



"Kerry Ann"





 "Luna, Kerry Ann and Star"



 "Zoe and Lilly"



 "Archie and Friend"







"Jimmy and his big sister"


 "Maple in a dress"



Standard Bull Terriers

 "Bella and Jasmen"
Bella and Jasmen having fun!

 "Jasmen and Mark"
Jasmen and Mark

"Pluto and Jasmen"
Pluto and Jasmen having fun!

"Standard and Mini Bull Terriers both puppies sold from Axelbelle Kennel and they are best buddies"


"This is Samson in Alberta at 3 months|
of age with Charley the horse"

Samson and Charley

"Becky (mom) and Calvin (son) at a show together"


(all that work, I need a nap)



"Bella and her daughter Becky playing"


"Where is my dinner?


 "Myla with her friend"


"Maggie and Arnie playing"


"Bella and Mark"


 "Cary, mini bully and Pheobe,
standard puppy playing with Tank"

"Lucy, mini bull terrier is
playing with her friend Tank"


"Inka and Willow"



"Samson sleeping on the job"

Our Puppies

Lulu and her Brother


Bart and Becky
Bart and Bexky

Angel and friend


Mark and Ruby


Becky and Ruby


Lulu and Roco
Lulu and Roco

Ivy and Daddy


Harley and Maximus




Duke and his big sister Daisy


"Sophie - now this is life!"


"Angus having a nap"

"Izzy and her 2 brothers"

"Norton and his friend"


"Taco with his friends"

"Angus having fun with water hose"


"Jack celebrating his 1st birthday"

For proper training of your new Bully, please email Karolina at axelbelle@yahoo.com

Karolina Prokupek
AxelBelle Bullies
Mississauga and Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada




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