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Karolina is referred to as "The Female Dog Whisperer" by many of her satisfied dog owner clients.

"Karolina Prokupek is a Dog Behaviour Expert specializing in problem dogs!"
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Karolina trained Diefenbaker, the canine star of "Due South" as well as other TV dog stars.

"Positive reinforcement techniques are the most humane option; they encourage the development of skills while keeping the animalís overall well-being in mind." - Ward McAllister, Senior Inspector, Ontario SPCA.

Karolina has helped with many Humane Society dogs, breaking them of bad habits, and enabling them to get adopted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy on training, and what sort of methods do you use?

I use the "Praise" method where a dog is not scolded for disobeying but is praised for obeying. A dog that is not trained properly, will not enrich your lives. Everyone wants a dog who will be a companion not a liability. Dogs learn bad habits easier than one would suspect. Once a bad habit is learned they must be re-trained to "unlearn" it by positive re-enforcement. ANY dog can be trained with proper instruction. I offer private lessons in your home or private lessons in my home. I have 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

How soon can I have you come by and start helping me with my dog?

There are no prescribed start dates. You may begin as soon as you like. Once you have made the decision to have me train your dog, simply give me a call or email me to get started.

Is training done weekly?

Generally - yes. However, the frequency of visits is based on your availability, individual training needs, goals and progress. There is no prescribed timeline because every situation is not the same.

How many times do you come to my home?

There are typically 10 visits, each lesson lasts 1 hour. This is negotiable because every situation is not the same. I also offer training in my home as well.

What do you offer once my training is completed?

After training is completed, you are welcome to email or call me with any training related questions that you have regarding the dog that I trained.

What if I have already taken another program somewhere else?

Approximately 30% of the calls I receive are from people who have done some form of group training elsewhere and are dissatisfied with the results. Complaints include a lack of personal attention, a chaotic learning environment and the dog is no longer obeying. I will train or re-train your dog.

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Karolina has 20 years of dog training experience!

Karolina Prokupek
KP Dog Training
Mississauga, Ont.



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